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If anyone out there is thinking of putting together a class action lawsuit please contact me! They have jerked me around now for 3 weeks.

Their product no longer works on iMac El Capitan - personally I think they did this on purpose because of the launch of their new cloud which requires you to pay - so that you can't just continue using your older neat scanner..

I emailed the company and they emailed back "directions" to solve the problem. The directions made no sense, so I emailed them again. They gave me additional directions. That too didn't work.

So I emailed them a 3rd time. They said I should call them, gave me a number, and said I should reference the provided case number. So I called. Seems you have to establish a paid account to actually get a live person on the phone, and if you don't pay, the computer hangs up on you.

So I emailed again. This time they said if I give them a 2 hour window they would call me.

So I leave work early (they can only do this during business hours), sit by the computer and phone, and just keep getting angrier and angrier....of course they don't call. Would love to sue them for doing this to us!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Neat Company Management Software.

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I'm in!

They basically stole our money.

Sold us the hardware and software license, then rendered the product useless via the internet.

No where does it say on the product, that it will expire.

The CEO is a serious A-hole....


I'm in. I can't believe they are getting away with this.

I purchased a scanner that now it's obsolete. Trying to force me to pay for the cloud.


If anyone has a class action suite against Neat

Count me in.

Ive tried to contact these jerks for days and hours spent on the phone.

I bought a neat system 5 years ago and I have to pay more just to

talk to anyone. This is crap I bought in good faith. Not to be jerked around.


I have same issue i have a 250.00 paper weight now i dont need there stupid cloud that could get hacked


Yes I would love too. I bought mine a long time ago.

Then try to use it after some time passes and i have to subscribe.

That wasn't the deal when i bought it.

to Marcie #1418843

I did too

this is crap.

I paid over 600 for mine.

now cant even talk to anyone.


They are doing this on purpose and I would like to join a class action suit.

If somebody starts the class action suit count me on.




Well Now I am going to try to go to the Trade Commission for misrepresentation/ unfair business practices and scam. Here the info to do the same.

We are trying to get justice

Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice and put an end to unfair and misleading business practices. If you have a complaint, file it online or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.


Okay everyone PLEASE go to and write your statement. I am asking them to start looking into this so please help by submitting your statements so they will see that there are others out there affect by this.

It just may help us get the ball rolling!!

Please do this ASAP.. thanks here's to wishing us luck and justice.


Okay everyone lets put our heads together to get the ball rolling. I have been trying to research how to get this class action lawsuit started.

If anyone knows the process lets get the ball rolling ASAP.

We may have to start a partition with our names. I am still researching.


I paid $400 for their scanner... and now they're FORCING me to pay monthly on top of that???

Beyond outrageous. They can either refund my money for the scanner, or give me the free software that originally came with the scanner!


I would like to join! I have 2 expensive useless scanners all because I refuse to put my info in their cloud. PLUS years of receipts and info that I cannot now access

The not so neat company must make available all outstanding files and refund a portion of the cost of my first scanner and all of the cost of my 2nd scanner


Tom Eppes


I am In this is total ripoff, i bought a scanner one year ago and now i have to pay monthly to use my scanner.


I am in. We bought two sets of the neat and now because they have gone to the cloud, I can no longer get our database to come up on our PCs.

Very frustrating since we scanned imported documents into our cabinets,etc. and good luck with instructions because if you can't even get the software on your computer to come up, the directions are useless. The cloud software won't even let you import anything other than images, no back up files, etc.

what a waste of money and a lawsuit should be started. Imagine all of the others who bought this crummy software and are now expected to pay $120 a year just so they can put stuff in the cloud and never access their previous year information.

Manhattan, New York, United States #1352813

I'm in - a lawsuit will wake them up.

Just the quality of their audio recording is that of a company whose products are $5, not $300.

How do we proceed?

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1350382

I'm in the same situation .

I have been using Neat for years. Then all of a sudden the program stopped working.

I can't open my files.

Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States #1344713

This company is unbelievable. They brick their hardware by abandoning us. They have obnoxious support robots and generally just embody the arrogance and incompetence of modern tech companies.

Peachtree City, Georgia, United States #1340738

I have been using Neat for years. Then all of a sudden the program stopped working.

All the back up is in their .Nbak files, and the new cloud system does NOT recognize them. I to have sent emails requesting a fix to first open my 5.7 version, and second on how to recover years worth of data.

One of the biggest beefs I've had with Neat is their terrible upgrades.

First they don't tell you about it (just like going to the cloud), and then you have to go hunting to change file names etc yourself. How about notifications, and put some grownup programmers in that can send you a automated update like everybody else.

Class-action lawsuit...I'm in.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1340719

A class action lawsuit is perfect for this company. I have purchased a piece of hardware (the neat scanner) for about $300 and the software to use it was free at first.

Now, I cannot use it at all without purchasing "the cloud" that I don't want. So, I have a scanner that was expensive and can't use it for anything at all. That is like buying a computer and using it for a couple of years then can't use it again till you pay again.

This is deceptive advertising and business. You can't call them at all without having a subscription to "the cloud"

to anonymous #1378833

Okay everyone PLEASE go to and write your statement.I am asking them to start looking into this so please help by submitting your statements so they will see that there are others out there affect by this.

It just may help us get the ball rolling!!

Please do this ASAP..thanks here's to wishing us luck and justice.

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