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If anyone out there is thinking of putting together a class action lawsuit please contact me! They have jerked me around now for 3 weeks.

Their product no longer works on iMac El Capitan - personally I think they did this on purpose because of the launch of their new cloud which requires you to pay - so that you can't just continue using your older neat scanner..

I emailed the company and they emailed back "directions" to solve the problem. The directions made no sense, so I emailed them again. They gave me additional directions. That too didn't work.

So I emailed them a 3rd time. They said I should call them, gave me a number, and said I should reference the provided case number. So I called. Seems you have to establish a paid account to actually get a live person on the phone, and if you don't pay, the computer hangs up on you.

So I emailed again. This time they said if I give them a 2 hour window they would call me.

So I leave work early (they can only do this during business hours), sit by the computer and phone, and just keep getting angrier and angrier....of course they don't call. Would love to sue them for doing this to us!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Neat Company Management Software.

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to Toni Stewart #1425004

I am going to write one now. Hope it helps.

Heidi W

Huntington, New York, United States #1330405

I agree with the call for a Class-Action law suit, this company has no regard for the customer.

Burke, Virginia, United States #1314071

I believe the only way to stop this illegal business practice is for us to move forward with a Class Action law suit. The company will continue to charge customers for the hardware, and use of the software, until a subscription runs out.

But the receipts themselves are not property of the company and shouldn't preclude one from at least accessing the system after you've already scanned items into it. I am definitely interested in pursuing via litigation.

Centreville, Virginia, United States #1314063

Let me know, as I think you'll see more and more people become fed up with Neat and their illegal business practices. How, when you purchase the hard ware, does it not let one have access to things already in the system. This needs to be resolved through a law suit.

Queens, New York, United States #1304877

In as well. Same experience.

Actually I just bought my Neat Desk scanner only 2 months ago so I feel like a fool and should have looked more carefully at the terrible reviews.

Bottom line...big scam. Worst company; deceptive & unethical.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1291922

Hi everyone,

I just want to confirm I experienced the unbelievable worst support and product from this company.

I would like to join if

A class action against this company is started.


I would love to know if there is a lawsuit started. Neat, even with a paid account, has lost documentation that I have scanned and would need for my taxes

Pawling, New York, United States #1263407

Is there any information regarding a class action lawsuit against the NEAT Company?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1260118

I am having issues with my software and find out now I have to pay for something I've already paid for?

I'd be happy to be lead plaintiff in a class action.

Blanchard, Oklahoma, United States #1251425

This scanner has never worked like tv ad shows, now it lost thousands of my scans after their so called upgrade to fix el capitain issues which has to be reinstalled about every other day, then turning the scanner off and on several times for the No Paper Detector to stop popping up.. I am like you, think all this is for ppl to move to the cloud thing for monthly subscription.

I am not sending my information to their "cloud" for them to look through in the first place. How can they get away with this after paying so *** much for this 400 dollar paperweight?

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1249396

I'm in. I am so angry at this company.

Horrible software and support. Now they want me to pay to store files on their cloud that I do not want to share. This is completely outrageous.

I would like to participate in a class action lawsuit.

Brookshire, Texas, United States #1244958

I'm in!! I have had nothing but problems over the last year.

I bought the new scanner & upgraded my package.

I let them remote into my computer to "fix" the problem & suddenly my old scanner stopped working.... This company is a load of *** & someone needs to stop them!!

Ormond Beach, Florida, United States #1241538

Yes let's do it, pls post contact info to join class action

Ormond Beach, Florida, United States #1241037


to jman Ormond Beach, Florida, United States #1241041


Peoria, Arizona, United States #1240112

What is the status? I have had it.

3 unanswered emails now. Do they have a physical site in Philadelphia?

It might be worth a flight from Arizona to Philadelphia to confront them. Is there an attorney willing to participate?

Peoria, Arizona, United States #1234418

I'm in. All of my receipt images prior to April 1 are gone.

The recognition software no longer is reliable. I cannot get a local copy of the data anymore. I have been in contact with their email support for several months now. A new person gets the case and asks for the version of the software.

My most recent request has been ignored for 7 days so far. I just sent them another request. The old desktop version was reliable (crashed occasionally) but maintained my data. I had become dependent on Neat.

Now I cannot trust it. I'll gladly do anything to assist in either stopping their scam or pressuring them to do something positive.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1231659

I'm in. The neat connect will not log in to Dropbox.

They claim its a software issue for many months. It worked originally.

Durham, North Carolina, United States #1231349

I have exactly the same experience. I wouldn't mind paying for help, but they dont actually offer that option.

Hamilton, Ohio, United States #1230503

has this idea of a Neat Class Action made any progress?

I'm running into the same issues you all are.

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